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Unlike normal computers or laptops, tablets do not consist of many parts to it, including traditional hard drives. Instead they have a storage system based on flash, such as SSD drives.

One of the main features of a Tablet is its long battery life, for this very reason, it is a very simple product without much storage capacity. However, it can store up to 64GB of files, mostly media files such as photos, music, videos etc. Most people and specifically business people believe that Tablets not convenient to work with cause they don’t support office files or the commonly used Microsoft Office, which for most people is used on a daily basis.

As with all devices, tablets are susceptible to damage, such as cracks in device housing, water damage, electrical and magnetic damage or problem with the storage system within it.

DataRecall has conducted much research on the subject and has come up with highly professional solutions, if you ever come across a situation of data loss on a Tablet PC, please don’t hesitate to contact is, we can help!

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