1)   Can my data be recovered?

In most cases, yes! It really depends on the level of damage and how carefully you handle your Hard Disk or medium after the problem has occurred. The success rate in DataRecall is over 90 % of cases, and based on this statistic, we can confidently declare that data can be recovered almost always.

2)   What is data recovery?

Data recovery is what we call the process of recovering files and information that has become inaccessible due to various problems that can occur on a storage medium. Problems such as human error, firmware issues, electronic damages, water intrusion and mechanical failures can all cause hard drive failure. However, you shouldn’t be too quick to throw your storage medium away, as your data can still be saved.

3)   What is the diagnostic process?

All Cases received in our labs go through an analysis or diagnostic in order to help identify the exact problem of the storage medium. The diagnosis takes about two days, during which we can determine if the nature of the problem and if it pertains to physical or logical damage. In addition, the diagnostic procedure also gives us a clear view of the level of difficulty and time schedule we will need to recover the data and what the cost will be. Then with your consent we continue to the next step, which is to recover the data.

4)   Why does the diagnostic take so long?

As we mentioned above, the diagnostic takes about 2 days due to heavy workload, we need to have the necessary diagnostic tools available and most of the time they are occupied. The diagnostic is FREE, unless there is an emergency where we immediately start working to get rid of the problem within 24 hours. The immediate response diagnostic or emergency diagnostic has a small fee, which you can see on our online pricelist in our website.

5)   How long does the process of recovering my data take?

Most recoveries last on average about 5 working days. This is not including the diagnostic which takes about another 2 days. These are just rough estimates, every case is unique and may vary in many ways.

6)   Are there cases where the data cannot be recovered?

Yes, there are cases where the damage to a hard drive or medium is so severe that the data on it cannot be retrieved. This can be the case for certain situations and certain types of media. As we mentioned above, the careful handling of a device after failure has occurred is very critical, and in certain cases especially with hard drives, a damaged head can scratch the surface cause permanent data loss.

7)  My documents contain confidential information. How can I be sure that it will remain confidential?

DataRecall offers our customers a safe environment and is very extreme concerning confidentiality and generally with this topic. Data and any client information are secured and kept confidential by law and by the statute of our company. In few words, confidentiality is the backbone of our service and is taken very seriously. We also offer our clients a confidentiality contracted if requested.

8)   How do I avoid data loss?

The reality is that all storage mediums will fail at some point during their existence. There is no magic disk type or disk model that can secure your data 100%, we clearly states that the best solution is to back up your data in more than 1 storage medium, and double check to make sure that the backup was performed safely and properly.

9)   How often should I Backup?

The Backups should be done on a frequent basis. Frequency of Backups depends on the amount of work that will be lost in the event of a fault. Although Backup is an effective method of protection is not always a safe procedure. The reason for this is that many users do not fully understand such procedures and in many times it may not be applied correctly. Always double check your backups!

10)   The Cost.

Data recovery exists as a specialized service, and many times can be considered an expensive procedure. There are many reasons and factors for this. In order for a company to be able to provide a safe and quality service a Recovery Lab and whatever comes with it is definitely needed. A Data Recovery lab consists of highly specialized tools, a clean environment, and most importantly highly specialized engineers who invest vasts amount of time perfecting themselves and keeping up with all the necessary knowhow through a rapidly changing technological world. All these factors are prerequisites in order to get the results our client need. DataRecall constantly invests in expertise and tools to provide her customers with the best results along with security and confidentiality.